Supply to EvoBus Locations:

  • Since 1996, we have delivered 35,000 fuel tank units and 14,000 flap systems in an extremely high number of variants to the locations Ulm, Mannheim, Ligny, Samano and Istanbul. Our products are installed in all Citaro city buses as well as Mercedes and Setra touring coaches.
  • We are spare parts supplier to EvoBus for replacement fuel tanks and flaps for all models built in the past 40 years.

Supply to Liebherr and Terex:

  • Since 2001, we have delivered aluminum fuel/hydraulic oil tanks and engine/wheel covers to both of these crane manufacturers, which are installed in mobile- and derrick cranes with lifting capacities from 40 to 1,000 tons.

Supply to Atlas:

  • Since 1996, we have delivered thousands of steel hydraulic oil tanks to Atlas in Delmenhorst for their excavators.
  • Atlas has commissioned us to re-design the tank for their new vehicle series. And now, we deliver large quantities of these newly designed tanks made of aluminum to the location in Delmenhorst.